Augustine Winter – The Jewel in The Crown opens with a feminine romantic feel, full of moody rich colours with a palette of mustard and forest green, moving seamlessly between seasons.

Featuring a mixture of prints from multicoloured lily motifs to large scale florals that are influenced by the winter chill, key details and fabrics include voluminous ruffle details, soft delicate fabrics and floaty silhouettes.

Floaty drape fabrics and more structured base pieces are prevalent along with sequins as a solid or as an insert detail. Pleated frill dresses and fitted skirts are made to be layered and draped under tailored statement coats and capes, featuring textured prints and fur trims.

Natural fabrics along with a mixture of heavy knits in bold and soft colours. With a playful dose of colour, key hues include burnt orange, mustard, deep blue, forest tones including khaki and greys, perfect for the winter blues.

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