Stella Royal’s latest collection called ‘The Cosmic Goddess – Love in the Moonlight’ is a refreshing take on plus-size fashion, embracing size diversity.

Romantic floral prints featuring winter motifs appear on looks that intend to reveal and accentuate, rather than hide a fuller figure by using luxe velvets and warm textures mixed with classic stripes and oversized spots adding subtle touches of sequins.

Colourful and confident this collection is full of glamorous pieces that cover the perfect winter wardrobe essentials from casual off-duty tops, pants, to statement pieces, embellished tops and classic relaxed dresses. Perfect for the winter climate and easily layered when it cools down, the collection is full of transeasonal pieces.

The Stella Royal girl loves colour and print, and wants to express her personality through her clothes. Bold and covetable Stella Royal, is not conform to standard sizing, styles are designed to be relaxed and baggy, and some are meant to be more fitted and show off curves.

Now available online—Shop the latest offering here!

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