Stella Royal Autumn, The Dance of the Universe, brings you a treasure trove of gorgeous styles to spice up your wardrobe.

The collection features pops of colour and sprinkles of sequins—full of statement pieces to make you stand out from the crowd. The range offers unique, stylish and flattering pieces that you can dress up or down and style to suit your individual look, taking you from day to evening in style.

Prints and stripes are offered in cute tops, cool tunics, oversize dresses, and coverups such as bomber jackets and kimonos. Whether you need off-duty pieces for your weekends or day to day life, dressy pieces for work, or glam pieces for occasions, this collection has it covered.

Perfect for the autumn climate and easily layered when it cools down, the collection is full of transeasonal pieces now available online. Shop here!


Stella Royal is a beautiful collection of pieces for sassy ladies with curves. Stella means star, and Royalty is because it is about time ladies with curves are treated like royalty.

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