Tuesday label presents its highly anticipated, autumn ’17 collection, full of cool timeless pieces with modern accents inspired by everyday women—confident, ambitious and unafraid.

The autumn collection is all about layering pieces. Add knitwear over signature dresses through the changing weather; tops and blouses all work beautifully alongside trans-seasonal wardrobe staples. There are different shapes & lengths – for different bodies & heights; and everything is lined for easy wear.

Tuesday label reveals an array of romantic prints, fabrics and colours that capture the chic and feminine aesthetic signature to the label’s origins. Aimed at a youthful market, the streamlined simplicity of classic silhouettes easily take the wearer anywhere from the office to a girls’ night out. Sheer detailing and ladylike elements help to transcend each piece from day to night.

In this collection, vintage details remerge for the new age women; pared-back dresses with the creative riot of prints, mixed with quintessentials such as chunky textural knits and cardigans.

The explosive colour palette showcases a mix of natural textures and bold hues, such as grey, pink, light blue, bright orange, burgundy and monochrome adding sophistication; colours that feel familiar yet fresh.

Trans-seasonal dressing being the strongest trend of all! Shop Tuesday Label’s autumn ’17 collection, here.

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